Package C: Premium JETBOX Service for Celling Cassette @ RM280 (NP: RM420)

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Premium JETBOX Service for Celling Cassette @ RM280 (NP: RM420)


  • For Ceiling Cassette Air Cond only.
  • Package include fault finding and checking.
  • Chemical cleaning of indoor unit with ALL NEW JETBOX TECHNOLOGY;
  • Covering coil unit, barrel fan, covers, filters, louver and drain pan.
  • Drain pipe flushing to clear blockages.
  • Professional chemical cleaning outdoor unit.
  • Gas refill of R22 for outdoor unit (Surcharge of RM50/unit for R410a gas refill, RM100/unit for R32 gas refill).
  • Flat rate Up to 5 HP.

  • Spare part replacement and repairs are not included.
  • Surcharge of RM15 per unit for cash collection on site.
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Contact Number
KL    : 03-86053660
PG    : 04-3719833
SMS : 011-1722 5498


Merchant Details

THE COMPANY The Dustbox is evolving the way we cleans the air conditioners. We are a passionate team that thrive to refine our process to serve you better in every way. With our engineering background, we have created a NEW JETBOX TECHNOLOGY that cleans and service a split system to ‘AS NEW’ with no mess. Compared to the old ‘strip and clean’ method, our cleaning system is extremely time efficient. You will never do an old ‘strip and clean’ again once you have tried it.

Who are we? The Dustbox was started by Kevin, our founder and CEO, a hands-on guy. He graduated an Engineer from The University of Melbourne and later pursue his MBA from Nottingham Trent University UK. He felt frustrated on how inefficient and time consuming old “strip-n-clean” methods are and decided to create his own way and thus THEDUSTBOX.COM is born...

Contact Number KL : 03-86053660 PG : 04-3719833 SMS : 011-1722 5498

Dustbox Solutions

Terms & Conditions

  • Redemption period: 1 Jun 2017 to 31 Dec 2018.
  • See the rules that apply to all deals.
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